UX Design Testing


Usability testing is a pro-active step in your product’s life. One that allows you to fail quietly, in private, before your product’s in the wild. Better to have true insights now, than failed customer interactions later.

We ensure your product is tested within context by using your business case to determine the combination of testing approaches and methods that will garner the most accurate and useful insights for you.

Our process gets real humans to complete tasks using your website, app, tool or system. These interactions are then observed, tracked, measured and analysed. The end-result: understanding how users perceive and use your product and the chance to make inexpensive changes based on these outcomes.

Types of testing


Moderated and unmoderated


In-person and remote


Explorative, assessment and comparative

Useful combinations
of the above methods


Moderated + In-person

  • Lab testing
  • Guerilla testing
  • User interviews

Moderated + Remote

  • Phone interviews
  • Card sorting

Un-moderated + In-person

  • Observation
  • Eye-tracking

Un-moderated + Remote

  • Session recordings
  • 5-second test
  • Un-moderated card sorting
  • First-click test